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The only real life ship that ever matters

Harry ships them so hard you just know it


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DW +  Favorite Scenes


Sherlock listening to Soo Lin Yao’s story in The Blind Banker (because sad baby Sherlock in season 3 was such a shocking and out of character development)

Sherlock + his magnifier

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The Lego Movie (2014)

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#there’s a special place in my heart for rpattz and his complete disinterest in life

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CAN WE TALK ABOUT THIS SHOT PLEASE??? About how his eyes are mostly in shadow until the last few frames when he lifts his head up just a bit and LIGHT COMES INTO HIS EYES WITH HIS EPIPHANY!?!?!?

Fucking christ I love this show.

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You are my best man

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Making of “Little Favour” / stunt rehearsal, filming

Wish someone would post the whole Making of film…..

Post-Reichenbach AU: After the staged death, the criminal mastermind seeks shelter at someone, who not only owes him a favor, but is also capable of handling the secrecy.
Nevertheless, Sebastian does not give up that fast.

Andrew Scott in The Stag (The Bachelor Weekend)

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what if in between every class period instead of a bell it was one of the hannah montana transitions like “oh oh yeah oh oh ooh wooahhh” and on the way to lunch its like “yeah YEAH” and to chemistry its “oh oh woah oh woah woah”

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